• Course Summary

    This course will cover the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Algebra I.      

    1. Expressions, equations, functions                
    2. Properties of real numbers
    3. Solving linear equations               
    4. Graphing linear equations
    5. Writing linear equations                
    6. Linear inequalities
    7. Systems of equations                
    8. Exponents/exponential functions
    9. Polynomials
    10. Quadratic equations
    11. Radicals
    12. Rational functions


    Course Goals

    • To understand and appreciate the role that mathematics plays in our daily lives
    • To build necessary foundation of knowledge and skill that will prepare students for mathematics and science courses in high school and beyond high school
    • To use mathematics to recognize and solve mathematical and real-world problems involving linear, exponential and quadratic relationships
    • To make sense of and move fluently among the graphic, numeric, symbolic, and verbal representations of these patterns and relationships
    • To develop the critical thinking skills of strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship
    • To prepare for state mandated end of course assessment


    Daily work

    Practice is essential to student success in mathematics. 

    Assignments will be made daily with a few exceptions.

    Mastery of daily work will be checked in one of the following manners.

    • Assignment may be graded completely.
    • Assignment may be spot checked for understanding.
    • Homework quiz may be given to assess mastery.

    Any grade below a 70 must be corrected in red pen and returned within 2 days.

    Retaking Exams

    All students will be given an additional opportunity to show mastery on exams.  To qualify for this opportunity, a student MUST first attend a tutorial session and correct the test in red pen.  Tests may be retaken within 5 days of the test return.  Retakes will be averaged with the original test score.

    Grading Procedure

          Formative Work                                          50%

                    Formative work will include daily assignment that help measure student understanding in preparation for mastery exams.


            Summative Work                                        50%

                    Summative work will mainly consist of tests and quizzes that measure student mastery.  Projects may also be included in summative work in the test category.  Tests will count 33% and quizzes will count 33%.

    Discipline Plan

    The rules for the class are simple: be respectful to others, be on time and prepared, follow teacher requests, no eating or drinking (except for water in clear, covered container), no electronic devices other than a calculator, do your best on all tasks, and obey school rules. Rule violations may result in verbal warnings, detention, parent notification, and office referrals.  Serious offenses, such as unprovoked insults to other students or the teacher or using inappropriate language, will automatically warrant an office referral. 

    Make-Up Work

    Make-up work is given only to those students who miss class time due to absences. These students will be allowed one day to make up all assignments for each day missed.  If a student is present for the review and preceding lessons, he will be expected to take the test upon his return. 

    Students who miss class due to extracurricular activities are required to obtain any assignments they will miss before the day of their absence. This does not apply to tests and quizzes.


    Unless your teacher specifically tells you that you may work with other students on an assignment, you are expected to work on all assignments by yourself, using only your own thoughts, ideas, and reasoning.