• Spanish I, II 2019-2020

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  This is an exciting year for everyone, Spanish I get ready to use your brain two times the normal because that’s what happens when you learn a new language!  Spanish II, you are ready, because you know what is expected, and we are going to practice the Spanish we know! We can all have a very successful year in Spanish, just try it, inténtalo!  That is my one important request this year, Try!   

    My conference period for your Parents is M-TH 8:00 am – 8:40 am.  Please call the office for an appointment so that I may schedule and prepare for your visit. Thanks.

    Maestra Ramírez

    My Grading Procedures

    Participation Grade 25% - this grade is effortless, just participate!  A new stamp page will be given to you every 6 weeks for you to collect your stamps.  Keep the page in your folder attached with brads or (prongs) so you can find it fast & you don’t lose it. I only give one stamp page per 6 weeks, therefore put the folder away in the classroom. If you lose it, I will give you a 65 for any stamps you may have collected, no exceptions.  I give out stamps for awesome actions like:

    • working on Activity for Today (Actividad de Hoy) when you arrive
    • homework turned in on the date it is due
    • participation in speaking
    • helping and volunteering
    • Above and beyond excellence on your work!


    Daily Work 25 % - this grade is a piece of cake, just do it!  Classwork you submit in class, work with a partner, or small projects.  Completed work turned in on time is graded in class and we discuss graded work so that you may ask questions.

    Quizzes 25% - This is a tough one!  You got this, just pay attention!  We have videos with grammar points, video situations in the Spanish we are learning, and reading about the culture. Sometimes there are only 10 questions which means they are 10 points each, and only miss 2 to B up there where you belong!

    Exams 25% - Study! Study! Study! Most of the questions come directly from your book, videos, and your activities for today (Actividad de Hoy).

    What you need for Spanish Class:  Pen (black or blue ink only), Folder with brads and pockets, a USB jump drive, small Kleenex box, beautiful smiles and a positive attitude!!!



    Rules and Procedures:

    1. Arrive on time and be in assigned seat, WORKING, when the bell rings.
    2. Bring your materials to class. (Home work on time)
    3. Do not interrupt by talking or by moving from your desk, when I am teaching.
    4. Respect for all persons, their belongings, and the classroom.
    5. Honesty on tests and with your teacher.
    6. No GUM, FOOD, CANDY or DRINKS allowed in the classroom. (Water bottle is allowed)
    7. Follow the codes for dress, and all digital visual and audio devices, as stated in your

    student handbook.   (No phone use. There is a designated place for your phone in the classroom.)



    I need a restroom break.                                Raise your hand, ask for permission and bring me your folder with form, Circle where you are going; I stamp form for approval.  Take the pass and remember to bring it back.  You get 3 privileges total per semester.


    I don’t have any more privileges.                     Go before class.


    I feel ill.                                                                 Report to Mrs. Ballew in the office and she will either call the Nurse or allow you to call your parents.


    I am tardy.                                                       Go to the office and get a tardy slip. If you were with a teacher or in the office, bring me a note with a date and teacher’s signature.


    I forgot my materials.                                     Sign Maestra’s Quiero Mejorar “I want to do better” Plan. Print in ink that you forgot your materials. (Your only warning, second time, its lunch detention…bummer)


    My work is not finished on time.                    Sign Maestra’s Quiero Mejorar Plan. 10 points deducted, 2nd day an additional -10 deducted, 3rd day, an additional -10. The 4th day you receive a 0.


    My phone or device was taken up.                 You can retrieve it from Mrs. Ballew after class.


    I used offensive language.                              Sign “Quiero Mejorar” Plan.  (Your only warning, detention will be assigned if it happens again.)

    I did not follow other rules.                            “         “         “


    I need to go to the office.                               Go between classes. The office must call you.