• Dual Credit Student Account Set Up Instructions 

    1. Go to http://myhc.howardcollege.edu/ics
    2. Follow these directions to log in for the first time (top right corner of page):

    Username: First letter of your first name, plus your full last name, plus the first four digits of your HC student ID. 

    Password - Initial password will be capital H, plus small case c, plus your nine-digit HC student ID. Example: Hc123456789

    1. Make sure you reset your password to something you will remember.
    2. Take time to answer the security questions. This will save you time in the future.  If you do not do this step, you will have to call I.T. anytime you are locked out of your account.

                If you need I.T. help during regular office hours  itsupport@howardcollege.edu.

    1.  If you need after-hours / weekend assistance contact blackboard.hc@gmail.com.
    2. Look around blackboard, etc and get familiar with the layout of your class.
    3. If you need help, setting up your account, please stop by my office!