• Eldorado High School 2018 - 19 Visual Arts Department Syllabus

    Mrs. McGee

    Art Classes at the high school level exist to cultivate a deeper interest and challenging studio experience in the visual arts by introducing students to various media and techniques through a curricular structure that recognizes and incorporates five specific areas of learning:

    1. Aesthetics – art application and appreciation in community and everyday life
    2. Art History –viewing art from various artists, movements, styles, and cultures
    3. Criticism –making educated judgments about pieces of art and personal work
    4. Studio Work –experiences with a wide variety of media, tools, resources, and ideas
    5. Technology—utilizing the wide variety of technology available to enhance the creative experience

    Classroom Rules:

                    Respect Everyone

                    Respect Everything

                    Respect Yourself

                    Relax and Enjoy the Process

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be in seats with necessary supplies as soon as possible upon entering the art room. Failure to do so will result in a tardy and lunch detention (see EHS policy).
    • Use all supplies in a safe and efficient manner (wash brushes, sinks, tables, etc. after use and have neatly in place for the next class).
    • Only two trips out of the art room allowed per week unless previously arranged. Must take the pass.
    • Stay in seats unless getting supplies or cleaning. No horseplay is allowed in the art room – quiet table voices only when permitted.
    • Keep needed supplies in class storage cabinet/drawer - and keep storage area neat and in order!
    • Be responsible for turning in work on time to the proper place. Late work is unacceptable given the amount of studio time provided in class, and will not be accepted unless there is an excused absence or other arrangements have been made with Mrs. McGee. Please communicate!
    • Each student must obtain a sketchbook and an art folder, which will be left in your storage drawer, used to take notes, and keep handouts.
    • Any extra time a student may have following an assignment will be spent drawing in his/her sketchbook or working on a designated project. No class time is to be wasted when a student could be creatively working to improve a technique they’ve just learned.
    • Students are expected to be responsible for arranging time to make up work missed due to school activities or illness. Check the master calendar/Mrs. McGee to see what was projects were missed.
    • Be on best behavior when working/observing on location or when guest artists visit.
    • Make sure all artistic content and subject matter is appropriate for the classroom. Inappropriate content will not be tolerated and will be submitted to the principal for disciplinary action.
    • Always use your best craftsmanship, your best attitude, and all of your brain.

     Studio Projects:

    All projects incorporate the elements of design, integrate relevant art history, and employ creative, problem-solving skills:  Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel), Painting (acrylic, water, other), Sculpture (wire, paper, mixed media), Ceramics (hand building, wheel throwing), Digital Photography and computer editing, Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Jewelry making.  Most, if not all, of these media and techniques will be utilized during the art course (s).

    Evaluation and Grading Criteria:  Based on observation, Participation, Sketchbooks, Student Artwork, Exams, and Critiques – and in accordance with the SCISD Student Handbook

    • 50% Student projects and artwork (following directions, creativity, craftsmanship)
    • 25% Sketchbook activities, critiques, and quizzes, presentations
    • 25% Class participation (bringing supplies, actively and consistently participating, staying on task, participating in group projects, putting forth best effort)

    Discipline Policies:

    • Due to the art room size and environment (costly equipment and materials), inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and immediate disciplinary actions will be taken.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the art room – EXCEPT a clear bottle of water with a lid.
    • Wasting supplies is not allowed. Violators will be responsible for replacement cost.
    • Vandalism of classroom equipment, workspace, or other students’ work will result in immediate disciplinary action and removal from the art room. Violators will be responsible for replacement cost.
    • Classroom infractions are recorded in a discipline log and signed and dated by the student. The art room will follow the EHS discipline policy in dealing with all behavior problems.  Repeat offenses will result in contacting parent, loss of privilege to use supplies, and/or immediate referral.
    • Lunch detentions will be given for all unexcused tardies. The art room is far from the main campus – please plan travel time accordingly and do not be late!
    • Use the restrooms in main high school building and take the hall pass, or you will be asked to return to class.

     Cell Phones:  

    In the world of visual arts, cell phones can be an incredibly useful and creative resource. For that reason, we will learn several ways to utilize our phones for specific projects.  However, when phones are not in use (and because there are more opportunities for phones to be damaged or broken in the art room):

    • Phones are in no way a requirement for art class, and Mrs. McGee has devices for students to use who do not have a phone with them.
    • Phones must be stored out of sight or in the designated location – NOT in a pocket.
    • Inappropriate use at any time (including not using them for the intended project) will result in phones being turned in to the main office, which results in a $15 fine in order for phone to be returned.
    • No phones are to be taken to the restroom, but placed on Mrs. McGee’s desk until return.
    • Mrs. McGee reserves the right to ban cell phone use from the art room permanently if students cannot abide by the usage guidelines above.

    *All required classroom supplies are due (for a grade) to the Art Room by Tuesday, September 4th