• Vision

    Embracing diverse cultures by providing quality education for all ELL students through equitable instruction and support that promotes English language proficiency through collaboration with teachers, administrators, and parents while maintaining compliance with state and federal guidelines.



    The primary mission of the ESL Program of Schleicher County ISD is to meet the educational needs of each English Language Learner, recognizing three domains:  the affective, the linguistic, and the cognitive.  The secondary mission is to provide all English Language Learners a second language acquisition while preserving and developing their native language in a culturally sensitive environment.  During the student’s academic career, through various learning environments, including general and ESL settings, students develop a second language while gaining essential knowledge and skills through research based instructional strategies.



    “The goal of English as a second language programs shall be to enable limited Emglish proficient students to become competent in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and composition of the English language through the integrated use of second language methods.  The English as a second language program shall emphasize the mastery of English language skills, as well as mathematics, science, and social studies, as integral parts of the academic goals for all students to enable limited English proficient students to participate equitably in school.”  Chapter 89.1201(c)

    1. Ensure that ESL students progress by one proficiency level per year in the language domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
    2. Collaborate regularly with content ara teachers reguarding consistent implementation of the ELPS based on individual student language proficiency levels.
    3. Maintain accurate LPAC documentation within district and state mandated timelines.
    4. Communicate with teachers, administration, and parents reguarding ESL instruction, assessment, and compliance.



    1. Build conifdent, empowered, independent learners in a knowledge wich environment
    2. Celebrate cultural diversity, linguistic achievement, and individual student successes
    3. Advocate equal opportunities, high expectations, and respect for all ESL students