• My Expectations:  

    We will have two assignments a week.  Under homework there will be a link for the notes and for the homework.  The notes can be done in two sessions or in one.  Two assignments a week are not very much, so I do expect you to get them done.  These will be the only grades I take for you, so I will need these grades.  You can fill in your notes from the copy of the filled in notes I have provided.  I have also provided a link for you to listen to the lecture of me filling in these notes which will help you understand them better.  I highly reccommend you filling in your notes listening while listening to lecture.  You will better understand what you are doing.  Please be patient, I will get them up as I get them done every week.  The lessons will be up before Monday they week they are to be started and will be due by Friday at midnight the week they are due.