Money for College
  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 Scholarship Page!  Organizations from Eldorado and the surrounding area continue to support our students as they pursue post-secondary education.  Please take advantage of these opportunities and apply!

    I will be updating this page as new Local Scholarships become available to me.  Please check back frequently to ensure you see all opportunities available to you.  I am happy to help with this process and review applications. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

    • Remember, it is the students’ responsibility to print and complete any applications they are interested in applying for, as well as making sure to include all requested documents.
    • Keep track of deadlines!
    • Update your resume to include any information from this school year.  Please look at the Resume Guide and example resumes on this page.
    • Start requesting support documents now!
      • High School Transcripts (Mrs. O’Neil or Mrs. Ballew)
      • Letters of Recommendation – please see letter of recommendation request form.  This is a helpful tool to give someone you request a letter from.  You can print these or pick one up from bulletin board outside of my office.
      • Volunteer Hour/Experience verification letters.
      • Howard College Transcripts for dual credit students – request through MyHc account.  I do not have access to your HC transcript and am not able to request this for you.
    • Make sure you include ALL documents with your applications. Most organizations will rule out your application simply for being incomplete!  Check, check, double check and let someone else check for you!
    • Neatly organize all scholarship documents in a manila envelope (9 x12).

    Online resources for scholarships-please be aware of fraudulent scholarships. For more information, please visit

Applications (Print)

Scholarship Application Links 

Supporting Documents