• Schleicher County Independent School District is the technology center for our community. The SCISD currently has a LAN (Local Area Network) that includes the entire district. Our LAN was created, installed and is maintained by the students of SCISD.  The students installed 90,000 feet of CAT V cable and 8600 ft of fiber optic cable that consist of over 500 drops.  The LAN contains Dell 10gig layer 3 switches with more than 42 subnets. SCISD also has 90 - A/C  cloud-managed access points assuring uninterrupted wireless connectivity in every campus, auditorium, classroom and gyms to accommodate the wireless laptops, iPads, and a 1:1 Chromebook distribution for 2-12th grades that are on our LAN.  We are currently using an average of 500 meg of internet bandwidth with a 1 gig fiber optic pipe to Region XV.

    The LAN supports four high school computer labs, two middle school computer labs, three elementary computer labs, three i7 HS labs and a public access computer lab plus multiple laptop/chromebook/ipad carts.  SCISD has over 500 - Dell OPTIPLEX desktops running Windows 10 and 500 Student Chromebooks.  We use a variety of hardware including iPads, Chromebooks and Windows tablets as well as a variety of operating systems including 2012r2 & 2016, 2019 server, Vmware & HyperV virtual servers, Windows 10, Apple OS and Apple caching servers, Chrome OS, Linux Mint and Arduino. SCISD is a BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device) district.

    SCISD provides our teachers with laptops, projectors, ipads with smartboard apps, document cameras and Apple TVs to enhance technology integration in the classroom.

    Two Windows 2019 domain controllers and six multi-core servers running 2016 @ 2019 Hyper-V virtual servers,  power our network.  These servers provide teachers with their own directories and 14 terabytes of storage space, and 320 gigabytes of web space.  SCISD also provides 19 network printers and six high-speed networked copy machines to everyone on the LAN.  SCISD uses Microsoft O365 for intranet/internet email and provides a terabyte of cloud storage for each of our faculty and students.  Our students also have access to both Microsoft O365  and Google apps.

    SCISD has full distance learning capabilities that provide students with as many as 30 hours of college upon graduation.

    SCISD uses special software that includes: Edgenuity, Renaissance Reading, iStation, Rosetta Stone and Lexia to enhance special need student learning.

    SCISD libraries are fully automated using the Follette Destiny Web Libary System.  Elementary, middle school and high school students have access to the web libraries. The SCISD cafeteria is also automated. Each student has a card that is both their library and cafeteria card. 

    Every classroom, lab and library computer has instant internet access. The Internet is filtered using a SonicWall firewall for network acccess and Securly for Chromebooks, and ForeFront anti-virus and firewalled by an Enterprise SONIC WALL and email scanned by Fortinet email service.

    SCISD is a child safe school that is monitored by 40 video surveillance cameras, electric self locking doors and armed staff.  Offices and computer labs are protected by motion sensor alarm systems. SCISD IS A GUARDIAN DISTRICT.