• Lindsey Parker

    Classes in 2019-2020: Chemistry, PreAP Chemistry, Forensic Science, and AP Physics

    email: lindsey.parker@scisd.net


  • Chemistry Weekly To Do April 27 to May 1

     Monday: Watch Notes Henry's Law 

    Tuesday: Hwk 14-4 Henry's Law 

    Wednesday: Watch Notes Freezing Point Depression 

    Thursday: Watch Notes Boiling Point Elevation 

    Friday: Homework 14-5: FPD and BPE 

    Honors Chemistry Weekly To Do April 27 to May 1

    Monday: Ideal Gas Laws Notes 

    Tuesday: Ideal Gas Law Homework 

    Wednesday: Gas Law Stoichiometry Notes 

     Thursday: Gas Law Stoichiometry Homework 

     Friday: Review of Gas Laws Mixed Practice Homework 

    Forensic Science Weekly To Do April 27 to May 1

    Monday: ICEV Entomology Assessment 1 & ICEV Entomology Assessment 2 

    Tuesday: ICEV Entomology Assessment 3 & ICEV Entomology Species Identification 

    Wednesday: ICEV Assessment 4 

    Thursday: Crime Scene Report 

    Forensic Files Friday: Insect Clues